Hey everyone, here’s links of resources I personally use on my blog and would highly recommend that you check out as well. This includes e-courses, books, a legal bundle, and more. This post contains affiliate links, and you can check out my Disclaimer page for more information. Any questions or anything, never hesitate to contact me!

Legal Bundle for Your Website

You know all of that legalese that you see professional entities have on their website? Well, instead of trying to write that all myself (and have no idea what I’m doing), I looked into Amira of A Self Guru – a lawyer who is also a blogger – and she has a legal bundle that you can purchase for a great price. Lawyers aren’t always cheap, but as a blogger, Amira understands and provides templates for you to use for your own website, giving easy instructions at the beginning of each section of the document for you to fill in throughout. This bundle includes the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Disclaimers templates, as well as bonus clauses and such that are required by law. You really can’t go wrong, in my opinion.